About Us

silver dynamic microphone on black microphone stand

Home Recording Expert was set up after the discovering the need for simple quick answers to recording studio questions.

I’m Stephen and I have spent over 30 years in the music industry, from playing bass in the garage with my friends to performing live with many big bands. I spent a lot of that time in various recording studios up and down the country and always loved the thrill of shutting the outside world to concentrate on recording, editing, production and performance. Nothing makes me happier than switching on the red ‘RECORDING’ light and spending hours pursuing my passion.

Most of us already have access to recording devices – your phone is more advanced than any of the studio gear I was using twenty years ago. But when you want to prefect your sound, it can be a confusing and very expensive market place to enter. There is a lot of studio gear out there – most of it good – some of it over-priced and unnecessary.

With this website I want to cut through the fog and give simple advice that will allow you to get your work created and out there. It’s too easy to get caught up in the tech maze and lose precious time wondering what works best. All that time could’ve gone into studio time – producing music, DJ mixes. podcasts etc..

To create music or record your voice or instruments, you only really need a few pieces of equipment and some decent ‘easy-to-use’ software. I hope you find the answers to your home recording studio questions on this site and I wish you huge success with your passion.

Music is life.
Let the world hear you.